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We have once again been overwhelmed by the generosity of Acts 435 donors this past Christmas - over £31,000 given to support individuals, couples and families struggling financially with the specific item they needed. A replacement washing machine, a warm coat, emergency travel expenses, car repairs. Acts 435 donors love the direct way of giving and the knowledge that 100% of what they give goes to the person in need.

All our requests were cleared twice in December - we need more people to join us as Acts 435 advocates, posting requests for the people in need in their local community.

Ways of Engaging with those in Need

  • Perhaps your church already runs a number of ministries reaching out to people in poverty - a Foodbank perhaps or Debt Centre. Acts 435 enables you to do even more for your clients, eg. get someone a new cooker or money on their electricity meter so they can cook the food they have been given.
  • Perhaps your church already partners with a local charity reaching out to the community - maybe a homeless shelter or addiction recovery programme. Encourage them to sign up to Acts 435, or become an advocate and ask the local charity to refer people to you who need some additional financial help.
  • Perhaps you have someone in your church congregation who is well placed to know people in need - a social worker, a teacher, a police officer. They could become the Acts 435 advocate for your church or someone else could do the work of loading up the requests, but they could refer in the needs.
  • You may not yet be connected with the needs in your community. Acts 435 could be a good way to start. Sign up as an advocate then approach your local school or children's centre, prison or hostel and offer the specific support of Acts 435 to those they are working with.

How it Works

Acts 435 has been designed to be easy, flexible and quick to use. Whether your church is urban or rural, expecting to post lots of needs or few, everyone is very welcome. Your church can have multiple advocates to manage different requests, or all share a log-in. Advocates do not have to work for the church - one great example we have is a mum who posts requests and manages feedback as a volunteer from home whilst the debt centre manager takes the information about the people in need and sends it through to her.

Advocate Spotlights

Interested? Want more of an insight into how it works? See these Advocate Spotlights for a flavour of what it entails:

Come Join Us

If you would like to sign up to Acts 435 or want more information for your church leadership please do not delay. At the start of this New Year, take hold of this opportunity to bless people in need.

Email me: or call 07703 453862

Advocate Quotes
Advocate Quotes