Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

We have received suggestions about making an e-card available for those who tend to give to charity now instead of sending Christmas cards as well as 'ethical gifts' where you give to charity rather than giving a gift to a member of family or friends.

So with traditional Christmas cards in decline and to save giving more unwanted toiletries to family and friends(!), we want to offer a simple alternative if you wish to donate to Acts 435 with the money saved on cards and postage or the gift.

This is the first year we are offering this option and as a small charity run on a shoestring, we have limited funds to put something sophisticated in place. However, we can offer a Christmas card/message with two different designs - a nativity scene or a wrapped present, all in our distinctive brand colours and style. Just make your donation and when you receive your automated thank you email, there will be a link to the card for you to send. Alternatively you can download it here. There are 2 designs to choose from. You can save the PDF onto your own computer and then email it to your family and friends or upload to Facebook.

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