Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

This Christmas I have been reflecting on what brings happiness to people at Christmas. Many people have been helped through Acts 435 this month bringing them the best gifts they could imagine - food ... warmth ... somewhere to sleep.

On Christmas Day, the sermon at my church looked at how Jesus is so much better than the things most people fill their Christmas with - food, drink, parties, TV, etc. We were also asked what we wanted for Christmas if we could have anything we wanted. That got me thinking more about those basic necessities our Acts 435 applicants so desperately need, and also about more intangible things like warmth and health. I am currently experiencing great pain as I breastfeed my baby and have for the past 2 weeks said that the only thing I want for Christmas is pain-free breastfeeding. Sadly this hasn't yet happened, and that is the case for many people this Christmas wishing for warmth, for somewhere to stay, for health, for food.

Yet, some have received something to bring a real smile of joy to their face such as this Acts 435 applicant in Bradford whose 'Thank you' note to those who donated to his request read:

"Thank you so much for your very kind gift, which has helped me to buy essential items for my new home. Also, it has meant that I can heat my home over Christmas. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for making mine so special."

It is a desperately sad fact of our society that there are many ... too many ... people seeking the absolute basics this Christmas, for whom just some food would be the most wonderful Christmas gift. As we serve others may they see the true gift given at Christmas, that of Jesus Christ.