Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

This year we're celebrating ten years of helping those in need through our work, and we're going to celebrate this milestone in as many over the coming weeks. Our official celebrations have been temporarily postponed, but we will still be celebrating on social media, and via our monthly emails.

Since 2010 Acts 435 has directly helped over 21,000 individuals and families who were stuck in crisis situations, or who were trapped in UK poverty. We've provided hundreds of donors with the opportunity to give directly to meet a need, all whilst resourcing over 350 local churches and charities in the incredible work they do.

Throughout the past ten years donors have generously donated over £2 million to individuals in need, and have enjoyed receiving personal messages of thanks from the recipients; these donations have directly gone towards purchasing; beds, cookers, bus passes, prescription passports, food, clothing, sleeping bags and tents for the homeless and many many more essential and vital items for those unable to afford them.

During the last ten years Acts 435 has helped specifically at times of national crisis, such as the flooding in 2015 and 2020. As well reaching those in need during the implementation of Universal Credit by providing essentials for those who are waiting for income. Recently, Acts 435 continues to be a resource for churches and charities who are stepping up to help those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have partnered over the years with many other charities and organisations to resource local churches and charities in this way, such as The Trussell Trust, Christians Against Poverty and The St Vincent de Paul Society, to name just a few.

Want to get involved?

To celebrate this milestone we will be sharing many stories, messages and new resources on our social media pages during the week commencing 20th April (which would have been our formal date of celebration). Do join us by following @acts435 on twitter, or finding us on Facebook:

You can also opt-in to receive our monthly update emails here (you can opt-out at any time):

New Resources

We have two new exciting resources that we have been planning, writing and filming over the last few months, and we hope that you will share them with your friends and family. They will be available on our social media outputs too.

We will be launching our Ten Year Anniversary Booklet, celebrating 10 partner organisations, and 10 stories that reflect our work over the past ten years. You can take a peek at it here: 10 year Anniversary Booklet

We have also produced a video highlighting the work that we do, and what we're looking forward to in the future of the charity, and you can view it below.

While our website launch date was in April 2010, we 'officially' launched on 12th July, so watch this space for resources and more to share around this date with your churches, friends and family.

10 years