Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Often we are happy to part with a bit of cash, but not so happy to give up our time. Now that is a real sacrifice when we already never have enough time to do those things we really want to … watch that film, try out that recipe, play the piano.

I have been reflecting on how that act of sacrifice goes such a long way when we think of taking the time to visit an elderly or sick person. There is little doubt that what is perhaps one hour taken out of our schedule brightens up the whole day of someone in these circumstances (assuming our visit is designed to bring joy and interesting conversation rather than boring them or depressing them!). In fact, I’m sure we all know people for whom such a visit would brighten up their whole week.

There are sadly a huge number of people in our country and world today that are lonely. There are many others who have immediate family but since they can’t get out anywhere anymore (due to age or illness), monotony soon sets in and conversation in the family dries up. When we go and visit someone, not only do we bring new conversation and experience at the moment of our visit, but we bring a new topic of conversation for those people to share with others.

When I visit my grandmother with my children, I am sure that the next time she sees my uncle, or her carers, she is bound to tell them that she had a visit from us and what the children got up to. There is a new memory there, something different, an effect that goes on long after the visit has finished and we have returned to our busy lives.

I feel suitably convicted about how rarely I make these little acts of sacrifice of my time.