Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

BBC Radio Humberside's Sunday Breakfast show with Blair Jacobs broadcast an interview with Acts 435 advocate from Goole, Dave Sample, this morning at 7:30am. to 1:35:20 through to 1:39:40)

Advocate Dave Sample had the opportunity to explain what Acts 435 is all about and its Scriptural basis as well as the key advocate role in vetting requests to ensure donor money goes to where it is intended. He also explained how the advocate role is not difficult but easy and satisfying, as well as the fact that 100% of donor funds go to the cause they choose to support.

He spoke of the great need to spread the word further so that there are not just pockets of areas around the country where need is being met through Acts 435 but where the vision of an advocate in every church or church-connected charity across the country could be realised so that all need could be met.

Back in the studio, Blair Jacobs clearly reminded his listeners of the three different strands of Acts 435 if they are interested in knowing more - getting help (the applicant), giving (the donor), and that all-important intermediary, the advocate.

A big thank you to Dave for promoting us and a thank you to all our advocates for their hard work in ministering to those in need as well as spreading the word to potential donors.