Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

On page 15 of the Yorkshire Post, the Archbishop writes: "My own charity, helps put people in need in touch with people that are generous and willing to help. It is too easy for some of us to say that nothing we do can ever make a difference. Acts 435 has shown that small acts of kindness can make the world of difference to people facing tough times".

On page 8 of the Sun, he reminds us of how 'presence' is more important than 'presents' and comments: "My own charity, helps put people in touch with people who can afford to make small donations that will have an impact on their lives. It's a simple truth, but it's one that can be seen in the face of every child who, once bored with their toy or game, looks into the face of their parent and wants nothing more than to be loved."

Let's hope messages such as these capture the imagination of those who know that people in general are struggling at this time, but may not know individuals by name. Acts 435 enables them to help strangers with acts of kindness and know that their small gift is making a significant difference, as our success stories illustrate.