Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

ACTS 435 for schools: Reaching out to your local community

Acts 435 provides a great opportunity for schools wanting to live well with their local community in the spirit of the Church of England vision for education.” Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

A Simple Way to Live Well Together

Acts 435 gives you the resource to bless people in your local community in a small but significant way. It enables you to participate more fully in different aspects of that community, the local hospital, care home, homeless hostel, prison, etc. and help others to flourish. It can also help struggling families in your community access crucial support, whether it be a replacement cooker, unexpected travel costs or help with arrears.

As a school Acts 435 provides a great way to work in partnership with your local church to show God’s love in action by connecting with those in need, posting their request onto our website, and be part of providing that item once the money has been raised. Your local church could be the Acts 435 advocate, or perhaps the chaplain within your school. Acts 435 is flexible and you can have as many advocates as you like so be creative!

As a school you could also choose to fundraise for Acts 435 requests, perhaps choosing it as your ‘charity for the year’ and support Acts 435 over a whole year.

Traditional giving in a modern way. Perfect for children growing up in a technological environment and seeking to be generous to others and see them flourish.

How it Works

Acts 435 is a website that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help. This happens simply through online giving, with the church and local charities providing a physical, face-to-face meeting point where volunteers, called advocates, meet with those in need and post these needs on the Acts 435 website.

100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. Nothing is removed to cover administration costs - if you give £80 for a cooker, that full £80 will go to purchase that item.

Church and School together

With the help of a donation of £95 from Acts 435 a young lady can now walk with her friends around school without unkind jibes from her classmates. Her uniform now fits and is the correct colour for her age - she seems to have more spring in her step and is a lot more confident in herself. Gone are the days of getting into trouble for not having a PE kit as she wears her new, fitting, kit with pride.” Acts 435 Advocate, Yorkshire

How do I get Involved?

Sign up your church or church school to be an advocate for Acts 435. You could connect in with the work of your School Council or link in with the Archbishop of York Young Leader’s Award if your school is doing this. Spread the word to people who may be in need in your community and let partner organisations working with those in need know what you are doing.

It is quick and simple and not onerous to get set up and posting requests. Just contact us to find out more and see how you can soon be using Acts 435 to help people in your community.

Email or call 07703 453862 for find out more.