Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435 Rejoices 5 Years of Giving

70 representatives from 48 churches and charities met at Bishopthorpe Palace yesterday to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the launch of Acts 435, the Archbishop of York’s online giving charity.

The Archbishop thanked and encouraged the local churches and charities for their work in helping those living in poverty across the UK. The event included practical workshops to equip the Acts 435 advocates. The Archbishop also cut an anniversary cake to mark the 5th anniversary.

Following the workshops, the Archbishop met with 40 donors to thank them for giving so generously to the online requests for help.

Executive Director Jenny Herrera said “Acts 435 depends on both advocates to post requests and donors to respond to these requests so it has been fantastic to celebrate our 5 years of giving with both groups of people and to thank them for helping in our growth and development.”

Acts 435 was launched in July 2010 at General Synod by the Archbishop of York and over 5 years has helped over 5,000 people with specific items they needed such as a cooker, clothes and a bed. £500,000 has gone directly to those in need.

Acts 435 5th Anniversary