Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

The following news release was sent out on Thursday 2nd July 2015:

Acts 435, the Archbishop of York’s online giving charity, is to mark 5 years of giving on Monday 6th July 2015.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu will host an event at Bishopthorpe Palace where he will address 70 representatives from churches and charities who use Acts 435 to help people struggling financially in their local communities. Representatives from Dorset to Durham, Llandaff to Suffolk will attend this event.

Acts 435 began as a small pilot in 2009 in churches in Yorkshire. It was launched as a national charity in 2010. This year, Acts 435 helped its 5,000th
person and also reached the milestone of £500,000 going directly to those in need for specific help such as a washing machine, heating bills, emergency travel costs, interview clothes or food.

The Archbishop of York said: “Acts 435 looks to help individuals in need in a very practical way and it is a quick process. Local churches have always been able to offer spiritual support but with Acts, they can offer financial support as well. I would like to thank the representatives in the local churches for their support and enthusiasm, and also those who have generously donated to make this simple yet practical scheme work.”

Requests can only be made for up to £120, and may only be requested three times per year for any individual. Acts 435 works by putting those in need in touch with those who have the money to help meet their need via The person in need applies for help at their local church; the request is then checked, verified and posted online; a donor then chooses to give directly to the need using a secure payment system.

5 Years of Giving
5 Years of Giving