Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Last summer we set a target of hitting 800 requests by our 2 year anniversary on 12th July 2012. This would coincide with the City of York's own celebrations of 800 years of its Royal Charter. It took us 2 years (+ an 8 month pilot) to hit that 800 which we achieved at the end of June 2012. Yesterday request number 1,600 was posted - in just 8 months we have doubled the number of people we are helping. Surely an indication of the growing need in our country today.

We always sensed that Acts 435 would have a snowball effect - as word spreads and churches and charities realise how easy it is to use and what an excellent resource it provides more and more will get involved. Likewise, with our participating churches and charities, as word spreads in their towns, cities or villages, more people in need are referred to them and thus more requests are posted.

We rejoice that donors are responding to these needs and ensuring that 98% of requests are met in full. With growth like this, we need the generosity and kindness of many that have to help those who have-not.

Hits 800 Reception at General Synod
Trustees, advocate and applicant with Hits 800 bags to mark the 800th request