Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

The request description said: Christine is fleeing for the second time in her life, the first time across the country from being held at gunpoint and this time from an abusive landlord who has refused her utilities and threatened her repeatedly. She is moving into a property that has nothing and she has no money to furnish it. She needs to feel safe for the first time in 6 years.

The money came in within a month and the advocate then wrote the following thank you message which automatically went to the donors who gave to that request. Reading it this morning, I thought it was worth sharing with everyone:

For Christine it was like Christmas had come a couple of weeks late and she was literally jumping up and down like a child when I told her that the money had come through. It was perfect timing as she had found and moved into a new flat 5 days previously and had many things she was unable to afford - curtains, furniture...she didn't have anything. With the money she now has curtains, a bed and wardrobe and some other essential items. She was over the moon and overwhelmed at the generosity of people who don't know her. She is so grateful so thank you again for such generous donations. I've never seen her like this - I have only seen her desperately suicidal and hopeless and it was such a joy to see her eyes lit up and a childlike excitement at feeling valued for the first time in a very long time.

Clear, wonderful confirmation that small gifts CAN make a significant difference. A huge THANK YOU to all our donors who are giving to these requests and touching people's lives in a very special way.