Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

As the hot weather continues we are forever reaching into the fridge or the freezer. Drinks are kept in there so that they are refreshing and as for ice-creams ... as a family, we have never had so many! In this heat food that usually wouldn't go in the fridge goes off quicker so it is good to have somewhere cool to store it. That is not the case for some people in UK poverty and it must be such a struggle at the moment.

We currently have 12 live requests for a fridge. Let's make a difference for these individuals and families and enable them to also enjoy a cool drink in this hot and humid weather and be able to better preserve their food.

A couple to highlight:

£10 needed for fridge freezer

This 27 year old lady has fled from a violent relationship and has moved into a council property with her two young children. She had to leave all of her belongings behind and has moved into an empty flat. She is working hard to set up her new home on a very limited income. She is in receipt of a low wage from her job as a part time cleaner which is topped up by working tax credit. She is still in need of a fridge freezer so you help would be most appreciated.

£120 needed for Fridge for TB sufferer

YO has been diagnosed with TB and is undergoing treatment and his health is very poor at the moment. He has been told that he needs to eat more fresh fruit but he has no fridge to keep food fresh. It would make a huge difference if he could buy a small fridge and start to eat a healthier diet. Thank You

If all the fridge requests have been met, do look at other needs within our white goods and furniture category, which is our focus this month.

Helping 15,000 people

On the 12th July we will celebrate our 8th anniversary since the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, officially launched Acts 435 at General Synod in York, in 2010.

We are looking to reach 15,000 people in this anniversary month. To date as I send out this mailshot we have helped 14,868 people. Can we make it 15,000 in time for our anniversary?

Website problems

We would like to apologise profusely for any problems you may have had visiting our website in the last week of June. There was some faulty hardware on the server, which is hosted by a company separate to us. As such I have not had any control over how quickly the problem has been identified and fixed. I want to thank donors who managed to give in spite of an intermittent server and assure you that the hardware has now been fixed. We are reviewing our server/IT arrangements to ensure we can offer the best possible service to our supporters, advocates and beneficiaries going forwards.

It certainly makes you realise how dependent you are on these things working! Thank you for your patience and understanding.