Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Having hit 2,000 requests in June of this year (3 years after our launch), we have seen the kind of acceleration experienced by Foodbanks across the country. In just six months we have helped another 1,000 people struggling financially through providing the cash they do not have so that they can obtain the specific, practical items that they need.

We have had new churches join in the past six months, but our current participating churches and charities have also found themselves posting more requests as they see more need in their local community.

Our 3,000th request has been posted by HOPE Nottingham, featured in our most recent newsletter. A request so typical of many - a washing machine for a single mother:

Interestingly, I am writing this from Guatemala in Central America where many of the people do not own washing machines. I have watched guiltily as my mother-in-law hand washes all the clothes our family of four produce (exacerbated by my 1 year old daughter being sick the first 24 hours all over blankets and clothes).

Thankfully in the middle of the day there is warm sun here to dry the clothes but that is an impossibility in a British winter.

Today we have been given our 3,000th opportunity to help someone through Acts 435 in a direct and signficant way, a practical gift for Christmas ...