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Success Stories

So grateful for new shoes for twins

2nd October 2016

This lady was so grateful for the help in getting shoes for her twins to start nursery as they were smart like the rest of the children at nursery. She was able to get them new shoes in time to start nursery.


26th September 2016

A recipient describes the difference that the Acts 435 donation made to her: Thank you for the donation, I have purchased a 3 seater settee and 2 chairs. I was at the end of my teather and the stress that the money awarded has removed from me is significant in the fact that it was affecting my mental health. Thank you so much.

Youth Club Reidential

22nd September 2016

'O' & his brother 'E' had a wonderful time at the residential in Peat Rigg. They were able to forget for a short period of time the stresses the family are under whilst waiting for the government to process their application for status. Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be children and have the freedom to play and interact with their peers. They took part in absailing, orienteering, climbing 'Jacobs Ladder' team games etc.

Thank you so much on their behalf for allowing this wonderful opportunity

Clothes for Eed

22nd September 2016

'K' is a very humble very private person and she was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by Acts 435 members! At the time of the application 'K' was undergoing medical investigation for a lump on her neck and the concerns were this might have been cancer. Thankfully it was not and an operation was required to remove it safely. While this was going on 'K' and her family were celebrating Eed and this was the reason for the request. Thanks to everybody's donations she was able to buy her children new clothes and shoes and participate in this cultural event with friends.

Baby Equipment

22nd September 2016

'L' had a baby boy on the 30th August! Mum & baby are both doing well. Unfortunately due to historical events her son is currently not living at home with her but does have daily contact. 'L' has decorated his room beautifully and thank to everybody's kind donations this little man now has a room fit for a prince!!


22nd September 2016

'M' was struggling with her little girl and tantrums, since she has decorated the bedroom and bought new furniture courtesy of the generosity of Acts435 members things seem to have calmed down a lot. Her daughter loves the new room and views it as a quiet place to go and reflect. Thank you everybody for making this happen.

Mother moved by gift to want to get her 2 children baptised

22nd September 2016

This is the second time we have helped 'J' and her family (daughter 4 and son aged 1).
'J' is a single mum and has had a lot of struggles with mental health, but loves her children and always puts them first on her limited income.
Her small home suffers with damp problems and she can't move at present due to lack of available social housing accommodation locally. She had to throw out old beds due to damp infestation and she is very moved by the generosity of the gift to replace the beds.
We talked to her about baptising her children last year and she talked to a local minister, but she has difficulty with organised church. She volunteered to me this week following the gift that she feels God wants her to get her children baptised and she is starting the process of arranging this with a local Anglican Church.

Helping client to slowly move forward

22nd September 2016

Since getting to know 'L' and her family in January this year, and due to her twins and other small children and her own mental health, she does not have a lot of time and energy to deal with debts and other issues in her life. Each time we meet we are able to help with a few things at a time and really go at her speed. She is so grateful for this and being able to bless her with a washing machine has been one of the incidences that has helped her move forward and relax that everything will work out. She can then put more of her energy into looking after herself and her children.

New Mattress

15th September 2016

After the death of her partner in her bedroom a lady in Liverpool was unable to sleep in the room, and slept on the sofa downstairs. Her partner died 2 years ago. She had dealt with some of her bereavement but the process had stopped and she was struggling with depression. The new mattress replaced her old one and has enabled her to sleep upstairs. Not only that but she said she had slept well for the first time in 'ages.' Her bereavement process is still ongoing but she can move on a bit now.

A new start after 20 years!

9th September 2016

K has been in debt for 20 years, all her adult life. She has never known a life without debt. Her children have grown up learning to not answer the door. She now wants to deal with her debts and learn to budget so she does not get into debt in the future.

The £90 has enabled K to do a Debt Relief Order really quickly and she has been amazed at everyone s help. She can really see a light at the end of a tunnel.

Thank you Acts435 for helping this family have a new start :)

Finding a new way of life

9th September 2016

D has been in debt for over 12 years and has never been able to find a way out. We have been working with the family since January 2016. Slowly we are going forward. We helped with some gardening equipment and now Acts 435 have helped her with a cooker. This means she can slowly start to move back to living at home and cooking there with her son. She is so grateful and embracing help with budgeting so she can go forward and not get into debt again. Thank you so much for helping this family

The start of a long road ahead

9th September 2016

This family have been working with us for a couple of months and have so many health and financial issues going on. They have been in debt for over 18 years. We've started to work out the way forward for them to work towards becoming debt free. Getting the money for their children's school uniforms has made a big difference to them. It enabled them to not borrow the money and to get on a plan of action for the way forward. There is so much more to do but they have been so encouraged to keep going forward with their plan to become debt free.

Faith Restored

30th August 2016

This family was in all sorts of crisis when we applied to Acts 435. Needing to buy a whole new school uniform as the school had changed its requirements was the straw that almost broke the camel's back. BUT your generous help has restored the family's faith and given them a boost in time for the start of the new school term. Many people do not realise how hard it is to live hand to mouth and any little extra demand places a lot of worry on them. Thank you for making their world a better place.

What a difference

29th August 2016

Lianne was really struggling without a Washing machine after her's stopped working. With four children you can imagine the amount of washing she has which meant she had to rely on friends to try and keep on top of all the dirty clothes. Following the very kind donations received she has now got a new washing machine and you just can't believe the difference it has made to their lives, especially with the children returning to school next week. They will now have smart clean uniforms and Lianne has reduced her stress levels dramatically.

Gift keeps man of the streets

24th August 2016

Rob was facing eviction due to his partner leaving him and, without his knowledge, handing in the joint tenancy of the flat. A small amount of rent was owing on the flat as his partner had not paid the rent for several weeks before leaving. He could no longer afford the rent on this flat but as he has now, with the help of Acts 435, nearly caught up with his arrears the council have now transferred him top a smaller bedsit. After many weeks of worry that he would become homeless Rob is now safe and sends his heartfelt thanks to all who helped him.

Two Gifts

16th August 2016

Claire and Peter are a lovely family working with Christians Against Poverty. Peter works away and Claire has struggled a lot with looking after their three children whilst suffering from health problems in the past year. She has had to give up work and the family have got into debt.

We originally posted a request for Claire to help her get a pushchair for her children, as she was unable to take them out. The request received a donation, but then Claire told us she had got herself a pushchair from selling something else she had. So we used the donation we had received from Acts435 to buy her some flowers to bless her.

The donor was touched by this story and offered to bless the family again with another gift. We thought that Claire would appreciate being able to buy a gift for her son's Birthday, so the donor sent another gift towards this and we bought some toys for Claire to give her son.

Both Claire and the CAP Colchester team have been really touched by this story of someone reaching out to a stranger in need. It is these acts of kindness that make being part of Acts435 so special.

School Uniform for 16 year old

10th August 2016

A is a single dad who suffers from deep depression and has many physical disabilities. He receives benefits as he has been unable to work for the past 8 years. He is trying hard to pay off debts, but there is no spare money. His 16 year old son is his carer and works really hard; he desperately needed a school uniform and shoes for next term but there was just no money to pay for one.

The young man was so delighted with his new school uniform and shoes that he received at the generosity of Acts 435 donors. We are only half way through the summer holidays and he cannot wait to go back to school- that must be a first! The joy and relief that he felt about being able to return without the fear and stigma of being bullied because his clothes are far too small was incredible.

Acts435 money goes farther than expected

9th August 2016

Having received money for a fridge freezer for a Simon Community client who is moving out of a homeless hostel into a flat, the money ended up going even farther than expected and met not just his material needs but also another family as well. We bought an under counter fridge freezer second hand from a family who had recently been made homeless themselves and were moving into a house and selling some things that were there. They were also pleased to hear that the fridge was going to help someone else in a similar situation.

The Simon Community client was also in need of a bed and had just had an application for a community care grant turned down. Simon Community were looking to find £70 to be able to pay for the bed. I had trouble finding a secondhand under counter fridge and had asked for £120 thinking I would have to buy a new one. But, in the end, we got the fridge freezer secondhand for £50 which left another £70 leftover to be able to pay for his bed as well.

Clothing support

9th August 2016

Shanun's family collapsed and he made a couple of unfortunate decisions. Life looked bleak and without hope. He even found himself in a adult hostel amongst drug users. The Prince's Trust began to work with him building opportunities and hope for a future. He began a course with them that hopefully will lead to an apprenticeship and employment. Organisations such as Marks and Spencer's take apprenticeships from Prince's Trust and the hope is Shaun will follow this track. The clothes are a small part in his journey but hugely significant in his beginning to see people genuinely care for him. I know he was very touched and excited to spend this money on clothes and did so with great care. Thank you so much for this help.


1st August 2016

Placed in a homeless hostel Declan was really struggling. He had limited support from Social services but a breakdown in his family meant he was very much alone. Social Services connected him to the Prince's Trust scheme to get young people into work. They enable people to get to a place where they can take an apprenticeship. The scheme connects hard to reach young people with employers willing to help and has over a 90% success rate. Declan had nothing and the gift of £120 enabled him to buy some clothing. It also told him that people cared and he really appreciated that choosing the clothing carefully. This is a small part in his journey but the Prince's Trust worker said it was a 'significant' moment and to this point Declan is enthusiastically working to improve his life.

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